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Part I  Lead Change Series

Corey shows the beginning steps and an exercise for building a lead change in the Part I Lead Change Series.  

This video shows a foundational exercise on developing balance and manipulating the shoulder for the next stages.

Part II  Lead Change Series

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In Part II, Corey transitions from the Nose to the Shoulder, back to the Hip and Hip Control, along with the Counter Canter.  Good exercises are involved in building yielding-to-hip-control for the lead change.

**Remember, we are not trying to teach a lead change, but rather teach the horse to change leads when we want them to.

Part III  Lead Change Series

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In Parts III & IV, Corey demonstrates exercises on a mostly finished reining horse.

**Remember, it's only about body control.

Part IV  Lead Change Series

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All of the demonstrations and instruction in each video can be used throughout a horses training and maintenance. It's an ebb and flow finding the balance in your horse to build and maintain the lead change.

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