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Team WPH
The Team

We are family!! You can hear the lyrical melody behind that, right! 

Team WPH is busy lives, busy schedules, overlapping driveway conversations, high fives at the gate, whistles from the rail, hugs and fist bumps. We are so grateful to share our lives with like-minded, driven individuals, who want to support and celebrate each others' successes.

Our Team extends beyond a name. WPH is a lifestyle! 

Our Team WPH family is developing and finding success both in and out of the show pen. Our Coaching Program helps the riders learn and do the work to build the necessary relationships for improvement and progression in reaching personal goals.  

This Is Corey
The Corey

 "I was drawn to reining because of the detailed specifics, both within the training process and the finished horse.  Reining is an extension of horsemanship with power steering and power breaks.  Essentially, every horse has to Go, Turn, and Stop.  Reining, to me, is the extreme quality of horse training with detailed precision, when done well."  

There is so much that goes in to properly training horses, especially reining horses. Corey has focused on reining since he graduated from college.

Corey's teachings are geared to

  • Develop

  • Build

  • Improve

These components, effectively, yield better understanding of applying techniques and exercises for riders and their horses. Corey recognizes the owner's desire to reach their own goals, and has been coaching and teaching horsemanship and reining skills for over 22 years. His easy manner of communicating has connected with Non Pros, Youth, & clinic participants to promote the enjoyment of riding and the sport of reining.


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