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Passing the Torch

There is something to be said on the metaphor of “passing the torch”. Not just the act (in itself), but to whom the torch is passed can hold a sentiment worth noting. This very occasion occurred at Wilson Performance Horses one Saturday, in May. A horse that had become part of the family to Team WPH member, Julie, and who was her steadfast guide into the reining arena, became the “torch” handed off to another generation. Julie experienced many successes with her pal, Luke, including winning two, year-end belt buckles. Luke and Julie were partners on a journey that allowed them to depend on each other, probably in more ways than either understood. Even if there were feelings of defeat in Julie’s eyes, she always had a kiss for Luke’s nose and a sweet peppermint waiting. Luke took care of Julie in a special way and laid a path for her new venture that would continue without him.

A new family took the relinquished reins of the solid comrade and, Luke, began a new venture of his own. His story is full of love. His new partner, Allison, is a vibrant and enthusiastic young lady. Her passion for life and learning will prove to be a great fit as the pair make their own reining journey. The “handing on” of Luke was emotional and exciting. He will always hold a dear chapter in Julie’s story, and will pen, with experience, the pages of Allison’s adventure series. A neat finish to this thought is that Luke doesn’t have to leave his Team WPH family. Julie and the rest of the Team will always be at the rail cheering him and Allison on to their next high five.

It's part of our goal at Wilson Performance Horses to encourage relationships with horses and people. Sharing stories such as this brings us joy as we get to be directly involved in the lives of our Team WPH members and the time we can share with them. We can't break the smile from our faces.

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