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​What form of exercise works best for you?

As a trainer, I have many tools that I can access according to the situation I'm working on. But what about you? What do you go to when your horse isn't responding how you want them to? Check out our blogs and see what tools you can practice.



This time of year gets pretty busy.  We are working on scheduling lessons online, but until then, click the button to set up your lesson with Corey. Get prepped for your riding season.

Why A Schooling Pattern?

This is a throwback to a few years ago. Listen in to Corey explaining his thoughts behind this schooling pattern. Reining horses need maintenance to help keep the focus on their jobs in the show pen. Trainers do a lot in these situations. Hearing the how, why, and when a trainer schools a horse can be a benefit for every rider.


Boomer With Attitude 

2013 Sorrel Gelding (lte: $20,833)

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