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Using Repetition with Trotting Exercises

I wish we had taken some longer video as the end of this one couldn't be edited, however there is some useful information in it to share. I hope you can take some details from it and put them into practice with your own horse. Trotting is a great tool to use that offers a training option with less stress on the horse. I use trotting as another way to instill correct repetition of a training technique, and it’s easier on the horse mentally than loping during similar exercises. In the video I am working on a few things at the same time using a small trotting circle. I am working from a loose rein on how I want the horse to guide in a circle, his cadence for spins, and keeping his head low, off the outside rein. From a horse training perspective, I set a track in my mind of the circle I want the horse to be on. In this situation it’s a small, tight circle. If the horse leaves or moves out of that track in my mind, I will correct and guide him. This repetitive continuance on the circle - keeping him on track, correcting him when he’s off - builds the horse’s understanding for the rider’s cues.

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